For many years, we have been engaged in development of designer products which are at the same time functional with a maximum emphasis on ergonomics and durability. The customer’s comfort and satisfaction is our priority and this is why we, the only company to do so, offer the possibility of adapting the size of our baths to suit customer requirements to ensure that they really do feel comfortable in them. 

The perfect fusion of high quality wooden materials and state-of-the-art technology allow us to manufacture almost unlimited shapes and thus to create luxury products which will become the centrepiece of attractive bathrooms which are pleasing to the human senses.

By using features created by nature, we eliminate the coldness of everyday materials such as metal or ceramics and transform them into breathable materials exuding warmth and life.

To bring your ideas to life, we are able to tailor the shape and dimensions of the product to suit your requirements and you can also choose almost any colour you like.

We provide a 24-month warranty on our products as standard. Repolishing of the surface after several years of use can also be arranged.

Every shape has its own meaning and our products are created with a great deal of manual work. This is why they are so perfect and each of them is an original. Each of them is created using dozens of artisan crafts and experience in line with state-of-the-art digital technologies. The greatest of care is devoted to surface treatment. Ten layers of varnish and multiple sanding and polishing of the varnished layers until the surface is like glass. A high quality surface like this is your guarantee of long-term constancy and durability. Our baths and sinks undergo very demanding tests in the testing room, where the materials are subjected to stress under the toughest of natural and physical conditions. Each product can be made even more special with the aid of details which raise it to the status of a work of art, be these wrought objects from special metals or ornaments from Czech garnet inlaid by a goldsmith.