Design plays one of the most important roles for us and our products and this is why we contacted the designer Lukáš Taneček from the Czech Republic who has designed several collections for this project.

“Curves and shapes have always fascinated me, so the opportunity to design a whole collection of bathroom products from such an unusual material yet also the very oldest one which man has been working with since the beginning of time – from wood, was a huge challenge and motivation for me. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technologies which Lavante has at its disposal, the designer really is only limited by his own creativity. The whole process of the birth of every product really is fascinating, from the initial pencil sketches and fine-tuning the shapes with the team of designers using 3D software, manufacturing of the 1:10 models and 1:1 models, right through to manufacturing of the final product. I took inspiration from the shapes of boats, yachts and organic shapes which can be found in the natural world.”